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This page is intended for students and those seeking internships. For other matters, please contact me to discuss matters.

Current Opportunities

ExJobb / Masters Theses


*This is too preliminary to work on yet, but hopefully will develop over the next few months and might allow an exJobb in Autumn.

I'm interested in developing a simple Khitan character recognition system based on line detection. We can then look to use this system for distinguishing between large and small Khitan scripts, and for analyzing poor quality characters on a number of rubbings and enscriptions.

Unsolicited Requests

Exjobb / Masters Theses

If you have a exjobb / master thesis placement where your project involves an application of machine learning / data analytics / statistical modeling, then I am generally happy to be involved as reviewer. Contact me to discuss matters.


If you are after an internship or traineeship, then please recognize that this will depend on availability of current work and will involve no payment. To avoid being discarded, your application should be personalized and show some understanding of my work and interests.